The Brief Therapeutic Alliance Scale (BTAS-5)

The therapeutic alliance is central to the manifestation of positive client outcome following counselling. The five item  Brief Therapeutic Alliance Scale (BTAS-5) was developed by Workreach Lab for the rapid assessment of the working alliance as experienced by clients in relation to their counsellor/therapist; it assesses (for example) feelings of connection and trust with the assigned therapist.  It can be administrated at case close and/or earlier in the care pathway.


The BTAS-5 is a validated scale (internal Workreach Lab study, 2020) and due to its brevity is ideal for use in a service-oriented setting (e.g., employee assistance programs, mental heath programs) when survey duration is an important consideration.

  • Analyses conducted with working Canadians indicated that the scale has high reliability and validity

  • Higher therapeutic alliance ratings correlate with  improved client outcomes after counselling/therapy.

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