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eap analytics

For next-generation EAP service delivery and outcomes

Advanced counsellor metrics

ImpactMetrix (IM) is an analytics and research-based product designed to provide a universal indicator of a therapist’s potential to produce positive changes for their clients.  Higher rated counsellors have an increased likelihood of producing  positive client outcomes . Broadly, IM can be used by EAP providers to assess and develop their professional network, ensuring the use high quality and impactful counselors.


A predictive tool for case managers

PredictivEAP is a tool that predicts the outcomes of an EAP case in ways that informs the delivery of EAP services and care pathway early on. Based on advanced machine learning techniques and informed by the behavioural sciences, this algorithmic tool provides EAP intake coordinators and case managers with information that will help optimize client outcomes and the cost-effectiveness of service delivery.


An analytics-based matching app

EAProMatch (EPM) is both a analytics product and a technology solution (an app) for EAPs. EPM helps case managers rapidly find the best therapist in their network for the EAP users. It is simple to use app designed to complement (not replace) existing database systems; it provides a mapping system to locate the most appropriate counsellor within a specific distance to the EAP user. The analytics process transforms existing data on professionals, providing new fields/metrics for case managers, enriching a professional's profile for improved matching. The metrics include counselor cost-effectiveness, drop out rates, and many others, adjusting for client characteristics, presenting problems & program accessed for statistical accuracy.

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