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Outcome measurement is the single most powerful tool in the value proposition of employee assistance and mental health services

The capacity to provide independent, objective and credible evidence of impact maximizes the application of findings into business practice. 

EAPs and mental health service providers

While many EAP and mental health service providers MAY already have an outcome measurement strategy in place, most have not commissioned a comprehensive independent study.  Workreach developed a unique methodology allowing for the first time the incorporation of a control group in an external EAP study, as published in a peer-reviewed study  This method can be deployed for other employee assistance and mental health services.

Independent outcome study

An independently conducted study to investigate the impact of employee assistance and mental health services on mental health, functioning, disability, work performance/productivity, work presenteeism, absenteeism, likelihood of making health claim, general health, employer costs and ROI, or other outcomes of interest. The project also incorporates a number of unique features that revamp outcome measurement. Can be conducted on a subset of users with the option of including a control group of non-users of services.

Insurance companies, group benefits providers

For insurance companies and group benefits providers looking to better understand their EAP products and to credibly demonstrate value (if applicable).  Findings from an independent outcome study can help for pricing and to better  integrate an EAP in the full suite of benefits offerings.

Strategic research & analytics

An outcome measurement study incorporating a control group to determine the impact of EAP services, and to strategically inform  pricing, marketing and integration into  suite of offerings.

Internal EAPs

For organizations with internal EAPs, an independent outcome study helps to gain a better understanding of their impacts on workplace health and performance, and benefits to employees. 

Evidence-based program evaluation

An evidence-based evaluation of internal assistance programs can investigate EAP impacts on a number of outcomes ranging from employee mental health to work functioning. Cost-effectiveness and cost-savings of the EAP can be assessed, as well as associated policies and  practices.

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