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Publication of research findings in peer-reviewed journal - Impact of an external EAP

Findings from an EAP study led by Dr. Milot at our Work and Health Research Lab have been published in the Journal of Workplace Behavioral Health: The Impact of a Canadian EAP on Mental Health and Workplace Functioning: Findings from a Prospective Quasi-Experimental Study

The full article is available online.

The study investigated the causal impacts of a Canadian external EAP (Arete Human Resources Inc.) on mental health, work functioning and life satisfaction. It was a first of its kind external EAP research study including a control group of non-EAP.

Study results summary:

  • At six months follow-up, the EAP users demonstrated significantly reduced psychological distress, including reduced symptoms of depression and anxiety compared to the control group of non-EAP users.

  • EAP users had significantly reduced work presenteeism and work distress, and increased work engagement.

  • EAP users reported greater life satisfaction at follow-up relative to non-EAP users

  • Improvements in mental health explained the positive impacts of the Arete EAP on workplace functioning.

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