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EASNA research publication by Workreach Solutions - EAP treatment stigma study

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

In a recent study our Work and Health Research lab investigated perceptions of stigma in relation to receiving help from employee assistance program (EAP) counselling services in a sample of Canadian workers (N=1001).

Link to article (EASNA, Vol.8, No. 2)

A notable proportion of the Canadian workers reported perceptions of “EAP treatment stigma”, with higher levels predicting a lower self-reported likelihood of accessing counselling services in the event of personal problems.

Top predictors of higher EAP treatment stigma in workers included: reporting higher levels of job insecurity, screening for depression, being male, and reporting lower levels of familiarity with EAPs.

Worker perceptions of stigma can be considered an important barrier to the seeking of counselling/help via a workplace benefit such as an EAP, a phenomenon similar to that observed with other mental health services.

The study also confirmed the reliability and validity of Workreach's Brief EAP Treatment Stigma Scale (BETSS-4)

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