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A Researcher's Inside Look at EAPs: magazine article by Dr. Milot in the Plans & Trusts magazine

Published in the Plans & Trusts magazine (Jan/Feb 2020), this piece discusses the role of employee assistance programs (EAPs) in addressing mental health challenges and their economic impact in the workplace. It also discusses recent impact/outcome studies we conducted with the Canadian EAP provider Arete HR Inc.

Article title: A Researcher’s Inside Look at the Impact of Employee Assistance Programs

Article synopsis:

Many employers and plan sponsors utilize external employee assistance programs (EAPs) to help address the growing challenge of mental health concerns among employees. While past research had difficulty assessing the direct value of EAPs, new studies indicate that EAPs can help improve psychological health in the workplace and reduce associated costs. The author also covers what to look for when evaluating EAP providers and measuring program returns.

The PDF article is available from our website or here if you are a member of the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans (or ISCEBS)

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