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Workplace Psychosocial Risk Assessments by Workreach Lab

Deployed by organizations wanting to improve working conditions, address and prevent mental health issues and job stress, and achieve a healthier and more productive organization

A significant return on investment can be achieved by building a mentally healthy and less psychologically stressed workplace.  The opportunity to improve mental health at work exists at the employee and organizational levels.  


At the organizational level, addressing problematic psychosocial working conditions at a place of work is a sure way to improve mental health and reduce stress, and by proxy, improve productivity and workplace outcomes.  

For decision-makers at an organization, it is often a matter of determining which psychosocial working conditions to address.

This is where AssessToAddress comes in.

AssessToAddress is an innovative workplace psychosocial risk assessment service with the following available features:

  • Identifies and prioritizes psychosocial risk factors (i.e., working conditions) that are negatively impacting employee mental health, increasing psychological stress, and reducing productivity and work functioning at your organization.

  • For any industry, sector, or jobs and organizations of different sizes.

  • Provides useful information based on advanced statistical modelling for the prioritization of psychosocial working conditions that need to be addressed to maximize health and productivity.

  • Provides findings  that prompt organizational development and actions.

  • Helps select approaches to address problematic working conditions.

  • Evaluates for changes in working conditions over time.

How it works

An online survey is deployed to all employees working at your organization or at a specific worksite. The invitations can be conducted by Workreach or by your organization. 

As a start, we deploy a psychosocial risk assessment questionnaire cited as a reference by international organizations (such as the World Health Organization) which includes 6 domains and 35+ dimensions that assess the  working conditions at your workplace (or work site), including:

  • Demands at work (e.g., emotional demands, cognitive demands, work pace)

  • Work organization and job contents (e.g., possibilities for development, control over working time, variation of work)

  • Interpersonal relations and leadership (e.g., role conflicts, quality of leadership, social support from colleagues and supervisor, sense of community)

  • Work-individual interface (e.g., work engagement, quality of work, work-life conflict)

  • Social capital (e.g., vertical trust, horizontal trust, organizational justice)

  • Conflicts and offensive behaviour  (e.g.,bullying, conflicts and quarrels, harassment)


The mental health, job stress levels, as well as work functioning (presenteeism, engagement, productivity) of workers is also assessed, as well as tendencies towards turnover and disability using innovative tools. All responses are kept anonymous and no personality identifiable information is collected by Workreach Lab.

Identification of problematic working conditions: analyses & reporting

Our unique approach uses advanced statistical analyses and modelling to identify and prioritize problematic working conditions (as assessed by the different domains and dimensions) in ways that, if addressed, will maximize improvements in psychological health, reductions in stress, and the occurrence of positive workplace outcomes at your organization. We can also determine which segment of workers at your organization are most impacted by problematic working conditions.

Addressing problematic working conditions with evidence-supported approaches

Each situation is different – we work with our clients to select optimal resources, programs, interventions or approaches aimed at improving/addressing the identifying problematic working condition(s). Emphasis is placed on the deployment of evidence-supported approaches customized to the specific context and workplace environment.

Evaluating for changes in working conditions

We can also deploy additional workplace assessments to evaluate whether changes in working conditions have occurred from before to after deployment of resources or programs.

How we help

Workreach offers different types of workplace psychosocial risk assessment services that can accommodate a wide range of clients, including basic, general, and advanced analyses and reporting services.  Each service ranks and prioritizes the problematic working conditions that should be addressed by an organization, but differ in the comprehensiveness of analyses and prioritization approaches. For more information and for pricing inquiries:

AssessToAddress Inquiries
Size of workplace or work site (for workplace assessment)

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