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Featured article:

A Researcher's Inside Look at the Impact of Employee Assistance Programs

Published in the Plans & Trusts magazine (Jan/Feb 2020), this piece discusses the role of employee assistance programs (EAPs) in addressing mental health challenges and their economic impact in the workplace. It also discusses recent impact/outcome studies we conducted with the Canadian EAP provider Arete HR Inc.

Video-based EAP counselling: a research and service delivery perspective.

Available here

Video-based counselling

Journal of Employee Assistance: Q1 2021

Characteristics of working Canadians and mental health

Workreach Lab research report (December 2020).

This cross-sectional study aimed to identify the characteristics of working Canadians associated with poor
mental health.

The impact of a Canadian external EAP on mental health and workplace functioning: findings from a prospective quasi-experimental study

Quasi-experimental EAP study

Research article (2019) published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Workplace Behavioral Health

Job stress in users of an employee assistance program and association with presenting status

Job stress in EAP users article

Research article (2018) published  in the peer-reviewed Journal of Workplace Behavioral Health

Resilience and self-efficacy

Dr. Milot was a  speaker at the 2018 Employee Assitance Society of North America (EASNA) Institute.

Investigating Resilience & Self-Efficacy in Workplace Counseling

What's Work Got to Do With?

Work stress and health in EAPs

Dr. Milot was a speaker at the 2017 Employee Assistance Society of North America (EASNA) Institute.

Lost productive time at work index

Research report in preparation for publication

Validation of Workreach's Lost Productive Time at Work Index (LPTWI-3)

EAP treatment stigma

Research article and scale (2019) published in  the EASNA Research Notes journal

EAP treatment stigma as a barrier to employee help-seeking: predictors and validation of a brief scale for its measurement.

EAPs in the Canadian Workplace

Presented at the 53rd annual Canadian Employee Benefits Conference (2020)

Discusses recent EAP research by Workreach Lab;

Virtual conference available online

A Workreach Solutions research report (2019). Full report is available here.

Stigma as a barrier to the use of Employee Assistance Programs

Stigma as a barrier to use of EAPs

EAP benefit equity

Research article (2017) published in the EASNA Research Notes journal.

Evaluating Benefit Equity in Outcomes Among Users of an Employee Assistance Program

Psychological job stress scale

Research report in preparation for publication

Validation of Workreach's Psychological Feelings of Job Stress Scale (PFJSS-4)

Ongoing research

  • Exercise and workplace health and productivity (McGill University collaboration)

  • Alternative measures of workplace well-being

  • Improved screening of alcohol-related presenteeism/absenteeism

  • Transtheoretical model of change in the workplace

  • Many others...

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