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Scales by Workreach LAB

Scales developed and validated by our Research Unit for use in workplace and mental health studies. The scales are designed to be brief, optimized for use in service-oriented/industry settings where containing the time burden of questionnaire completion is important. They are also appropriate for use in academic studies.

The Brief EAP Treatment Stigma Scale (BETSS-4)

The BETSS-4 is a brief scale designed to assess an individual’s perception of stigma in relation to receiving help from employee assistance program (EAP) counselling services.

The Brief Therapeutic Alliance Scale (BTAS-5)

The BTAS-5 is designed for use in a mental health and employee assistance service setting and is completed by the counseling client after case close and/or earlier in the care pathway. It  assesses the working alliance, including feelings of connection and trust with the assigned therapist.

The Psychological Feelings of Job Stress Scale (PFJSS-4)

The PFJSS-4 is a brief scale assessing the felt state of job stress that can be deployed in any occupational setting.  Higher scores predict a number of  negative health and workplace outcomes, including future depression screening and employee turnover. Ideal for inclusion in health risk assessment questionnaires.

The Total Unproductive Time at Work Index (TUTWI-3)

The Total Unproductive Time at Work  Index (TUTWI-3), is a brief self-report measure of global work performance for the direct quantification and monetization of lost productive time at work.

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The Brief General Self-efficacy Scale (BGSES-4)

The  BGSES-4 is a brief scale designed to assess perceptions of self-efficacy in relation to work and life domains. Higher scores have been found to correlate with better mental health, life satisfaction and work performance.

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