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Therapist aptitude metrics to optimize counseling delivery

Designed for Employee Assistance Program and mental health counseling companies

As with any occupation some therapists will be more effective than others, in this case at engaging their clients, improving mental health and addressing presenting issues. In the scientific literature such “therapist effects” explain an important proportion of variation in client outcomes.

Many EAP and mental health counseling companies do not employ therapist metrics and those that do may rely on basic ones (such as client-therapist satisfaction ratings) that may not provide the most meaningful assessment of therapist aptitude, especially if confounding & bias are not adequately accounted for. 

This is where ImpactMetrix (IM) comes in.

ImpactMetrix generates aptitude metrics for individual therapists in affiliate networks of mental health professionals

  • Based on the psychological, behavioral, and statistical sciences as well as the research literature on counseling practices and therapist effects.

  • Therapists ranked higher with ImpactMetrix have a greater ability to resolve the issues of their clients and to keep them engaged over the course of therapy.  

  • Therapist aptitude rankings can be used by intake coordinators, administrative staff, and/or incorporated programmatically into existing software. 

  • Additional metrics include national and regional rankings, problematic therapist indicator, and cost-impact rankings factoring in both therapist aptitude and hourly rate.

For EAPs and mental health counseling companies reliant on networks of mental health professionals, having access to sound aptitude metrics for individual therapists can:

  • Facilitate the maintenance of a high quality and efficient network of affiliate therapists, and the development of preferred networks

  • Contribute to case-level management and therapist shortlisting/assignment in ways that improve overall counseling service delivery and client outcomes

  • Increase overall cost-effectiveness of counseling services

How it works

​​As a one-stop shop for this, we provide all of the tools, analyses and support needed to collect and collate the required data, generate metrics and help you deploy them. Metric generation and deployment is customized to the business environment.

Service delivery frameworks using ImpactMetrix take into account a client’s presenting issues and the business environment to deploy metrics in ways that strategically optimize counselor assignment and affiliate network management.

To ensure ImpactMetrix is meaningful we conduct sensitivity analyses with case-level outcome data to confirm that higher ranked counselors indeed have clients/cases with better outcomes.


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